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Handmade toys for growing kindness and imagination

rainbow peg dolls

Wooden Peg Dolls

Simple natural materials toys for encouraging kind, nurturing play.  All toys are handmade by me and created with artistry and care.  They are made with enviromental impact and sustainability in mind for green toys that can last for generations.  


Peg Doll Natural Materials Play Sets

Play sets are great travel toys and are a wonderful way to encourage imaginative play.  Each of my peg dolls are hand drawn and painted with their own unique personalities.  Hand Painted wooden peg doll made with non-toxic acrylic based artist quality paints and protected with at least three layers of matte sealer.  


All items are made by:  Amanda Raquel Worr  

Artist, Maker and Mother

I have always dreamed of being an artist, and the second I was old enough I packed my bags and headed off for the big city of Toronto to pursue my calling. I graduated in 2003 with a Fine Arts diploma from The Ontario College of Art and Design, and then studied Digital Publishing and Children’s Book Illustration at George Brown College. While working my way up to become a retail manager, I continued to learn from online resources and some very good books, and charted my own path to become a self-employed illustrator. Since the birth of my three children, my focus and priorities have changed. I find happiness in nature, stories and simple acts of kindness and my goal is to put this happiness into my toys in the most diverse and inclusive way I can. It brings me great joy to bring the charactures of my imagination to life as toys for children to play with and create their own stories for. There isn't a story I can create for them that is as richly imagined and elaborately played out as the ones they create for themselves. I foster this by creating open-ended toys that fuel their creativity while encouraging a kind, caring and inclusive environment. Tiny Kind Toys is the culmination of my skill as an artist, my knowledge in retail and the wisdom I've gathered in Motherhood.

Custom Children's Art

As an artist and illustrator I can create charming art for your child's room or nursery.  Contact me at and we can make something amazing together.